New Deco Partner: Jodeco Glass

We are pleased to introduce our new deco partner Jodeco Glass. They are an innovative glass and decoration company offering solutions for all your floristry and garden centre needs (and everything in between)!

Jodeco Glass offers a selection of 100% eco glass, meaning that this selection has been made completely from recycled glass.

jodeco eco glass

Most people recycle their glass, but what they don’t necessarily realize is that their recycled glass receives a new life. The process goes as follows: the glass is brought to the factory where any lids are removed by hand and if possible also recycled. After that the by-colour sorted glass is placed in the oven and a master glass blower shapes the recycled glass into a new vase! And once that vase finds it way back into the recyling the process will begin all over again!

Decorate responsibly with Jodeco Glass’ Eco Glass!