Decorum: The Brand of Excellence

Heemskerk Flowers is very proud to announce that we have added a new plant stock specifically for products carrying the Decorum label. Decorum products can be found in two places in our webshop. Clicking on the stock image below will present you with products which can be sent off for departure within two business days.

decorum stock

decorum on location

Clicking on the link shown in the photo above will present you with another Decorum stock. The difference with this stock is that these plants are currently on location by Heemskerk Flowers and can be sent out for departure the same day (if purchased before cut-off time).

What is Decorum?

Simply put, they are a cooperation of sixty carefully selected plant and flower growers. Products carrying a Decorum label can be identified as products of the highest quality possible.

All decorum products are grown with true passion combined with continuous innovation and a commitment to sustainability.

Decorum selects its growers based on a range of aspects, quality being the key factor. Decorum’s growers are pioneering, innovative and socially responsible. As a result of Decorum products high quality they last longer.
decorum amaryllis

Decorum’s Commitment to Sustainability

Decorum growers cultivate their plants and flowers with passion and care. Care for the product and care for the environment. This is realized through energy saving activities, recycling (packaging and cultivation materials), use of natural pesticides (such as insects), efficient use of water and sustainable heat sources.

All of Decorum’s growers are enthusiastic and have the knowledge, experience and capability of growing their products sustainably. A number of members aim even higher. Decorum member Ter Laak Orchids for example, has been officially recognised as the Netherlands’ ‘most sustainable grower’. Ter Laak is the first Dutch grower to build an innovative and energy saving daylight greenhouse; where sunlight is utilised for heating, is stored and is used in other parts of the greenhouse. This delivers an energy saving of at least 50%.

Decorum is the only production organisation to possess a group MPS qualification.

To learn more about Decorum visit their website.

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